Participant Experience

Ranked among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice. Here are a number of comments about the course from recent attendees:

“What an amazing line-up of speakers! I was amazed and in awe of the quality of the speakers’ skills in knowledge base, presentation, and engaging personalities. Looking forward to next year’s course!””

“Extremely high-quality superb presentations. Dr Goodson's lectures are outstanding―he does a fabulous job pulling this wonderful course together."

“The best broad-scope educational series I have attended in 20 years.”

“I kept thinking how every talk was my new favorite, then realized it is that this is my new favorite CME. The variability of the presenters and topics kept me engaged (and frankly awake) in a way that I don't recall for many years."

“This is one of the best Harvard courses I’ve ever attended.”

“I appreciate that each speaker was engaging, passionate in their field, current, knowledgeable, actively practicing and additionally publishing. Their attitude to patient care was genuine.”

“As a Nurse Practitioner, I spent over 60% of my total annual CME budget for this activity. It was 100% worth the investment and I have encouraged my peers to attend these events in the future.

“I have been going to CME for over 50 years—this was the best!!

“The overall emphasis on being intellectually rigorous in evaluating both new and traditional therapeutic approaches was exceptional.”

"The best, most useful primary care conference I have ever been to!"

“I have attended many, many conferences including several Mayo Clinic conferences, and your conference had both superior content and quality of speakers.”

“Renewed my commitment to medicine.”

“The lectures were captivating and the best review course I have ever attended.” 

"I always feel that I have gotten my money's worth of thoughtful analysis of the literature from the speakers at Harvard Primary Care and Internal Medicine courses."

“Can’t say enough. Recommended to many colleagues.”

“I very much appreciated the underlying respectfulness that was everywhere in the program. The lecturers also, so well versed, compassionate, committed to caring. I couldn’t be more impressed.

“Top quality medical education! This has been a wonderfully rich experience.”

“This course was a great mixture of practical medicine in primary care every day with an elevation of currency with new assessment and treatment options. You cannot help but elevate your practice after attending this course.”

“This is one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. The speakers were excellent, and the topics are so relevant in my practice.”

“I’ve attended this course multiple times and always find it most gratifying and enlightening.”

"First time attending this course and I felt this is one of the best courses I have attended.…I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues!"

“Absolutely wonderful conference. Well organized. Covered almost every aspect of primary care practice. Definitely will do in future and recommend to all my colleagues.”

“The best conference I’ve ever attended. Comprehensive, very well organized, highly relevant talks and workshops.”

"Again, can't say enough about the quality of this program. Will absolutely continue doing this on a regular basis."

“This course is just excellent. I have been attending this course as my only CME course for several years now and hope to be able to do so in the future. I learn something new every year.”

“Excellent course. I will not miss future courses and will recommend it to my colleagues in our primary care offices.”

"Truly the best lecturers that I have heard in a very long time."

“Your dedication and commitment to medical education is self-evident. I have been attending the course for some time now and always come away feeling better informed and armed with recent advances.”

"I have attended several of the Harvard Internal Medicine/Primary Care CME [courses] … and this has been my favorite. I could listen to Dr. Goodson all day long. His choice of speakers has always been excellent."

"Hit all the 'high notes' for Primary Care. Thank you!"

“This course exceeded my expectations. The choice of topics was excellent—it included everything a primary care physician must know, and there was not a single topic that was out of context.  The workshops were also very interesting with a wide selection that can match every physician’s preference or to strengthen some gaps we all have.” 

“Outstanding course! This was my first time attending, and I was not disappointed. The lecturers were knowledgeable, organized, and articulate.”

"Dr. Goodson and all the faculty—thank you!! for another great conference! This is my third time; I plan to do it again. Thanks for all you do to deliver an amazing educational experience. This program is outstanding!"

“The whole course is awesome…. This course helped me update guidelines and better understand complicated topics.”

“There were so many practical takeaways from this including how to deal with the most common primary care problems: hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, depression/anxiety, musculoskeletal problems, sleep disorders.”

“Best CME course I have attended. Each session made sure to incorporate the challenges in the primary care outpatient setting.”

“Excellent conference. I did not want it to end.  A much-needed course.”

Attendees report that they have made specific changes to their practice due to the education received at Primary Care Internal Medicine:

"I used to attend [a different] internal medicine review course, and I left it feeling reassured that I am doing things well. When I attend this course, I leave with 20 new things to implement in my practice that will improve how I care for patients."

“I got at least one tip or opportunity to correct a deficiency in my practice from almost every presentation.”

“I learned and also got to feel more comfortable with newer guidelines and medications that are becoming more mainstream, especially in ischemic heart disease, hypertension goals, lipids, COPD and asthma approaches, CHF, diabetes.”

“I picked up some great websites to refer to and speakers provided some useful tables and charts as well.”

“I have a much better understanding of the new biologic drugs for inflammatory diseases and cancer.”

“Very helpful to know what I can do as an internal medicine provider before sending to a specialist, while waiting for a specialist appointment, and helpful to know what the specialist may do so I can explain/prepare my patients for what comes next.”

“I will implement the most up-to-date information in my efforts to use DOACs in AFib. I will rethink my approach to HRT.”

“My management of CKD patients will change, involving managing their HTN, hyperlipidemia, anemia of chronic disease, bone disorders, etc.”

“I will be changing my approach on managing obese patients.

"The ortho workshops with video or exam (or injection)—esp. knee with pathology—were fabulous."

The most important thing I took away from this conference was that I absolutely have to take care of myself first and then my patients.

I have plans to change some activities such as how we look at medication management with renal-impaired folks.

I will be more diligent in my counseling re importance of lifestyle factors in health. I will use exercise prescription to motivate patients.

“I have more confidence in evaluating fluid and electrolyte disorders, especially hyponatremia.”

“I will intensify medical management for patients with stable ischemic heart disease, i.e. not acute coronary syndrome and not unstable angina.”

“I will always remember to check vaccines for routine health maintenance.”

“This was the first time that I have received presented information on COVID-19 and its treatment as an outpatient. This will be very useful for my practice.”

“The knee and shoulder sessions will be very helpful in improving my exam skills.”

“My course syllabus, which is very ‘highlighted,’ will be put at everybody’s disposal at our clinic and I will share some of my learnings with my colleagues in a provider’s meeting.”

“I will write more detailed comments to radiologists when ordering imaging.”

“I will be more vigilant about needed preventative screening in my patients on biological therapy.”

“I will change my low back pain assessment and management moving forward.”

“I plan to be more aggressive with blood pressure management, and more aggressive with statin use in patients that meet certain criteria (higher risk groups).”

“I plan to address concerns re MCI more in depth, given that there are some interventions that may be helpful in preventing progression.”

“I will order fewer labs and X-Rays and discuss plan of care with patients more.”

“I plan to redouble my efforts to get patients to stop smoking, increase physical activity, get adequate sleep, eat a healthier diet, etc.”

“I plan to utilize a more simplified regimen for patients with diabetes.”

“I plan to promote and encourage the recognition of the primary care role.”

“I am more comfortable using ACE/ARB in patients with CKD.”

“I will take a closer look at adult asthma patients who don't clearly fit the picture—more likely to refer for spirometry to confirm dx.”

“I will be more cautious about checking drug interactions in any patient on HIV meds.”

“I will try to get a certification in suboxone, which is a huge shift for me.”

“I will change the way I manage hypertension; more aggressive lipid control; better understanding of COVID management and recent studies on it.”

“I make sure patients are empowered to make decisions for themselves based on their discussion with me as their physician.”

“I have a better sense of how to apply evidence-based medicine, incorporate new evidence and recommendations that come through, while at the same time balancing patient preference and values.

“I will find more joy in primary care.”