Participant Experience


Ranked among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a number of voices from recent attendees:


"Coverage of new ways of doing things, including open notes and innovative apps, has impacted how I approach all areas of general internal medicine."


"I have intensified my smoking cessation strategies and utilize PFTs regularly in treatment of COPD."


"The joint exams I learned here form the basis for the joint exams I teach to my medical students."


"I am now clearer in my recommendations for patients about cholesterol management—my confidence in knowing the data translates into greater trust."


"Having attended this course, I have many more tools for the evaluation of dizziness, opioid management, and behavioral problems in dementia."


"I am applying the new data in evaluating dizziness; improving my diabetes management; changing my approach to chronic renal disease; using some transitional care codes."


"Just a few examples of the modifications to my practice from this course: I am using open notes; I have totally changed my approach to obesity and weight loss; my diabetes management has simplified dramatically; and I look into using herbal treatments where appropriate."


"With this education, I find I am far more confident in my reading of sleep apnea tests."


"I’ve modified my use of bronchodilators/steroids."


"I work in a small 3-clinic FQHC and understanding how we are paid has made a huge impact on my practice."


"This course has led me to pay more careful attention to FEV1, make more use of Al/Cr ratios, perform a better extremity exam, and better differential diagnosis."


"My practice has benefited from the information in this course: approaches to DM management, smoking cessation strategies, sleep problem diagnostics, and ordering imaging studies."


"This course had a wonderful balance of evidence-based scholarship with bedside experience and practical advice."


"The education on HTN, smoking, and STDs was exceptional. Many of my patients have these health conditions and I feel I can incorporate the material presented daily."


"I have started to include my patients in the documentation process to increase their buy-in, am considering new circumstances for sleep studies, and perform a more through neurological exam when evaluating dizziness."


"I am using the thumb drive from this conference as a reference for many clinical situations I encounter daily."


"I really appreciated that many of the speakers had continued to update their presentations to include information and research that was literally days old."


"My protocols for treating high blood pressure and diabetes have been modified, and I consider earlier intervention of palliative care rather than waiting until end-of-life involvement of hospice only."


"I am incorporating new treatments I learned in this course for diabetes, asthma, CAD, and many others."


"What makes this course so great is the quality of the speakers.  They are leaders in their fields, and also gifted as teachers."


"Key changes to my practice from attending this program include the application of updated standards of care in hypertension, diabetes, lipid management and a more focused approach in the management of pain, obesity, and tobacco abuse."


"I have updated my approaches to headaches, HTN and CAD."


"The passion of these clinicians in practicing the best quality of care with compassion was inspiring."


"The evidence-based presentations in this program have led to my testing less for prostate CA, changed my approach to obese patients, introduced me to the use of a pre-op online calculator, and spurred more aggressive CVA screening and treatment."


"Many of the lectures provided information that I have directly incorporated into my care of patients."


"This course has reminded me that in medicine, not one size fits all. Each patient should be assessed and treated individually regardless of the algorithms. Also, I now show more empathy and say sorry without necessarily being at fault."


"Among the many changes I have made to my practice are instituting palliative care earlier, discussing BP/hyperlipidemia goals with patients, and continuing rectal exams for prostate cancer screening."


"This course had a wide scope yet focused on problems I deal with every day in my practice. The faculty was very distinguished."


"The updates and recommendations for HTN, COPD and DM are very relevant to my practice."


"The breadth of content and professional topics reminded me of the privilege of my job."


"I gained new insight into how to lower healthcare cost by prescribing lower cost medications, and ordering appropriate lab tests and imaging."


"I now consider curbside consults more often."


"My management of thyroid disease has been updated; I consider the option of gabapentin instead of HRT for menopause; and my evaluation of dizziness now includes the marching test and uses more modalities of the physical exam."


"Every aspect of the course was excellent."


"I have made some changes in chronic pain management and evaluation and treatment of low back pain, avoiding some hypnotics, and improved my evaluation and management of polyarthritis."


"I have implemented many of the suggestions into the clinical care of patients in the primary care setting, including using two types of nicotine replacement (a short- and long-acting), encouraging more widespread use of IUDs, screening for Hep B in all patients born before 1965, and looking for reasons to screen for Hep C."


"The overall quality of the faculty and the comprehensive coverage of key topics is truly exceptional."


"Outstanding lectures, discussion of new ways of improving care, frank discussion of the difficulties primary care providers face in the day-to-day care of their patients—and the results of these difficulties—all added up to an important and memorable learning experience."